North Indian Menu

Enjoy some delectable north Indian cuisines from the top north Indian restaurant of Kolkata. Be it Non-vegetarian or vegetarian options, Mirch Masala is ready to cater to all taste buds. Dhingdi Matar or Murgh Guldar, Sabzi Makhmali or Murgh Lababdar, top north Indian restaurant of Kolkata Mirch Masala hai taiyyar. From  the streets of starters to the mandi of main course, reaching to the chowk of Chef Specials, we bet, you will be spoilt for choice.

 Food for hunger, drinks for thirst, here also Mirch Masala will rank first!!! Our varied options of drinks from Chaas of Panjab, to unique Mirchi Sharbat, and our Pink Lady… Ohh!! You will fall in Love with them.

Our Bollywood theme restaurant have its own Box Office Hits too, try them with exciting offers, and you will hum, “khana yahaan, peena yahaan, Mirch Masala k siva, jana kahaan” . Worry Not, more blockbusters to win your heart through taste, is cookin…

It’s just like, Tawa Rolling, Mirch, Masala & ACTION! ! !