We have recently added a Chinese restaurant to our lineup.The restaurant is located right beside its Indian counterpart. So it would not be difficult to find it.

We all know that Kolkata is filled with Chinese restaurants. In fact, dare we say that Chinese is the ‘second official’ cuisine of Kolkata by the sheer volume in which it is sold and eaten by people here. But one thing common to all of them is that they all follow the same template when it comes to Chinese food. If you notice, you will see all restaurants selling by and large the same dishes with only some changes here there. This is what we are trying to unfollow.

Here at Mirch Masala, we realize that Chinese cuisine is far bigger than your standard chicken chowmein and chilli chicken. At Mirch Masala you would see dishes that probably no other Chinese restaurants offer you in the city. They give you a sneak-peek into what real Chinese food is like. The ambience of the restaurant also caters to this very idea and carries a typical mandarin theme.

Being a restaurant in south Kolkata and not serving Chinese, we couldn’t even imagine of that. Mirch Masala has introduced a wide range of Chinese Delicacies, right from the wok of China. Among a wide range of offerings from noodles to rice to starters, we bet, there would be something from everybody.

Our exquisite Chinese menu not only offers noodles, rice or choupseys, but a wide range of soups, starters and desserts, be it veg or non-veg. And yes, our non-veg do not limits to only chicken and prawns, we have lamb too, for those who like to ‘seek beyond’.

That’s not all for Chinese, how can a meal be ever complete without desserts, and Mirch Masala has best of its options among the restaurants in south Kolkata. Be it darsan, ice creams, or glasses of rainbow cocktails, Mirch Masala has it all-you name it and we have it.

Not only North India, but Mirch Masala can be your answer for top Chinese restaurant of south Kolkata.

Imagine, enjoying a pure Chinese or North Indian delicacy, with sipping your favourite cocktail or mocktail, within an ambience of village, rural and rustic-Won’t that be exciting? Mirch Masala is here to fulfill all your tastes your taste-buds been craving for. So, what are you waiting for, book your table now, and who knows you might endup winning exciting offers.