About Us

Catering to Kolkatans with a refined taste for food, Mirch Masala opened its doors in the year 2000. There’s been no looking back since then. Serving mouthwatering Punjabi cuisine for more than two decades now, Mirch Masala has carved out a place for itself as a top restaurant in south Kolkata.

Guests at Mirch Masala are intrigued by the Bollywood theme restaurant and they truly enjoy digging into lip smacking Punjabi delicacies in its cozy ambience. From generation ‘Y’ to those looking to savor the tastes of rural Punjab, all flock to Mirch Masala for the delectable food we serve here.


As a popular theme restaurant, Mirch Masala’s interiors that include trees under a painted moonlit sky give you the feeling of dining in the villages of Punjab. To add a rustic feel, there are wooden tables and ‘charpais’ that give the theme restaurant a touch of Punjab’s relaxed, yet vibrant village life. Soft melodious music in the background soothes you so you can enjoy your food more. The old truck tyres and the recycled lamps give the theme restaurant a rugged roadside dhaba-like ambience—straight from the Grand Trunk Road!

Mirch Masala’s managing director, Mr. Joy Singhi shares his vision for the restaurant and says, “It all started with an urge to create something innovative for the food lovers of Kolkata that would offer them the ambience of a roadside Dhaba. The restaurant has been named to attract the fun freaks of the city.”


As a leading North Indian restaurant, Mirch Masala has lined up a serving of lip smacking dishes for the city’s food lovers that include Paneer Lababdar, Paneer Tawe Ka, Reshmi Kabab and Murgh Makhani. Kolkatans are known for their love of sweets and the gulab jamuns and jalebis we serve have left them truly elated.

Kolkata’s summers can be harsh. Drop by at Mirch Masala for the refreshing Masala Chhaas we serve.

Mirch Masala is also a very popular watering hole, a leading bar and restaurant people flock to for high-end alcoholic beverages. From quality scotch to wine, as a leading bar restaurant, Mirch Masala is well stocked with all the top brands. Mr. Singhi shares more tit bits about Mirch Masala and says, “Specially trained chefs are brought from the North. The food served here is within the affordable limits of the visitors that mostly comprise a wide range of happy-go-lucky cosmopolitan populace of the city.”


Mirch Masala warmly welcomes you to its recently opened Chinese section that has successfully crept up the popularity ladder among Kolkatans and is today counted as a top Chinese restaurant.

The Chinese we serve is cooked using authentic ingredients and yet, it’s suitable for the Indian palate.

We value our customers having helped us in being considered as a top Chinese restaurant in Kolkata. Therefore, we make it a point to use only the freshest of ingredients while cooking. The condiments we use in our cooking are of the best quality. The authenticity and the delectable taste of the Chinese cuisine we serve make us a deserving top Chinese restaurant.


There’s never a dull moment at Mirch Masala with food festivals being a regular affair here. Being a Bollywood theme restaurant with cutouts of popular Bollywood stars, Mirch Masala is a vibrant dining place. We keep updating the menu regularly making sure that our regular customers never run out of dishes to choose from. We have served delicious food consistently for more than two decades now which makes us your best bet when you are searching for ‘best Asian food near me.’ It’s not just the food, even the drinks served at Mirch Masala are of reputable brands. As a high-end watering hole, we serve the best of alcoholic beverages which makes us a popular choice as a bar restaurant among Kolkata’s diners. The combination of the lip smacking food and quality drinks we serve makes us a very popular bar and restaurant in Kolkata.


Mirch Masala also offers catering services at corporate and outdoor events. What sets us apart are the interesting and exciting promotional campaigns we launch regularly like the Ladies Table during lunch time. We also have a large 6000 square feet large banquet hall that’s ideal for various events like corporate gatherings and family occasions.

Do drop by at Mirch Masala for a dining experience you’ll cherish forever. Both our Chinese restaurant and the NORTH INDIAN RESTAURANT serve food that’ll keep you coming back again and again.

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